Koratala-SivaBharat Ane Nenu is running successfully in theaters and Mahesh Babu is the happiest of all with the success of the film, for he was relieved from head full tension with this blockbuster. Also, the star gave all the credit to Koratala for giving such a film. So, what is next in Koratala’s pocket?

After BAN, hero’s and people were waiting for Koratala’s next announcement and in an interview, he reveals that he has his next promised to his friends. Koratala Siva as he says is going to make a film with two of his close friends, who will be the producers of the same. Only for the sake of them, he is going to think of a story soon and if not, he would have taken a proper break away from cinema as he says.

Well, speaking in the interview, Koratala also revealed that he has no long-term plans in cinema and may stop with 7 or 10 films in the field. But no worries, he will continue to make films as a producer as he says. The director is currently enjoying the success of Mahesh’s Bharat Ane Nenu.