Koratala Siva Fears Facing MediaLeading Director Koratala Siva faced a big disaster with Acharya and he got in trouble as he handled business himself. The entire core team of Acharya threw the blame on Koratala for debacle.

The delay of his next, #NTR30 also added to the pressure. Koratala is avoiding media since then. The ace Director was supposed to be the Chief Guest of a small film, Love You Ram along with VV Vinayak.

M9News broke the news about Koratala’s first film event after Acharya on Friday night and everyone is waiting if he will open up about Acharya and #NTR30.

But then, at the last minute, Koratala skipped the event to avoid uncomfortable questions from the media.

He informed the makers about it. Senior director Dasaradh is making his debut as producer with Love You Ram. He is also the writer of the film.

Dasaradh has good relations with many directors in the industry. He would have invited others in case Koratala informed it earlier to create buzz around his film.

But Koratala’s team informed about it at the last minute much to the disappointment of Dasaradh.

NTR Fans are also very disappointed about this attitude of the director. “Acharya is a thing of past. #NTR30 is Koratala’s present and future. If he is skeptical about facing media even days ahead of the start of the shooting, something is seriously wrong and disappointing. He even kept smallest of details of the film a secret which is not at all good,” they lament.

Probably, it’s time for Koratala Siva to come out of the shell.