Kona Venkat Trolled for Supporting Salman KhanWith the hashtag #Isupportsalman, Kona Venkat supported Salman Khan big time trying to justify the actor’s act of killing animals and even tried to say that killing animals maintains ecological balance. Needless to say, he is being heavily trolled for the way he supported the actor who is convicted for 5 years jail sentence for killing the blackbuck.

Kona tried to justify his support by further adding that Salman took the case on himself to save a girl in the group and that he would like to spend the rest of his life in jail but would never reveal the name of the girl. The trolls asked Kona to write stories for films not in real life.

Not stopping at this point, Kona went on write that he was more concerned about Salman Bhai though he doesn’t support killing animals, not even snakes, and scorpions. This last one is a satire for sure. But, Kona forgot that snakes and scorpions are killed because they are poisonous. Will the same apply to killing a deer?