Grand gesture or smart move –team Shankarabharanam?After all the mess that was created recently, it looks like things are back to usual courteous ways again. The mess we are talking about is related to the recent Dussera releases.

Team Shankarabharanam is showing everyone the way currently with their magnanimous gesture. They had already postponed release of their film by a week to November 20 to give solo release to Akhil, now they are moving further ahead by two more weeks. The film will now arrive in first week of December on the fourth.

It is also a clever move actually if one looks at release schedule where multiple films are slated to arrive in consecutive weeks. Bengal Tiger and Size Zero are slated to arrive a week after Shankarabharanam’s release which means it has only a week window to make mark. Now with postponement they too get open weeks to thrive. Smart thinking from the maker’s one must say and it also indirectly highlights the confidence in the product.