Nikhil Siddharth Nandhitha raj SankarabharanamThe release and subsequent box office performance of the film Shankarabharanam is not just a test for the lead hero Nikhil but also for the writer and presenter of the film Kona Venkat.

The writer who has created a separate and unique brand for himself has been under constant spotlight recently due to underperformance of biggies like Bruce Lee and Akhil. More than the underperformance of the films, it’s the statements coming from the writer regarding the failure of those films that has put him under microscopic scrutiny.

The situation has reached such a stage that only a big success of the film Shankarabharanam can be seen as a sign, an endorsement of sorts, for his brand in positive light. Such has been his impact that more than hero of the film, people are talking about Kona Venkat and his fate post the release of the film.

By this time tomorrow, the fate of the film will be clear, do you think the writer can sail through these naysayers and critics’ presumptions?