kona venkatLike several popular writers who turned directors, Kona Venkat has been nurturing directorial dreams and had even announced that he would be directing Pawan Kalyan. But, given to the present status of Pawan Kalyan, there is not even the faintest chance that he will be returning to films anytime soon.

When he was asked about directing Pawan Kalyan, the writer said that it’s better to ask Pawan Kalyan who has been busy with his political agenda. Well, it was Kona who made the announcement about PK before. However, Kona made the decision, already.

So, he announced that he will begin his directorial venture in March 2019, i.e., he is launching himself as a director. The time is locked for his directorial debut though he is in a happy space as a writer. Currently, his ‘Neevevaro’ which is a screenplay based film is coming to theatres on 24th August starring Aadhi Pinishetty in the lead.