Kona Venkat Called Sri Reddy, Told Vinayak is ComingAfter revealing Abhiram Daggubati’s name, the next big name is out and from the title, it’s obvious that it is Kona Venkat. Sri Reddy made allegations on Kona that he called her to a guest house and said that even Vinayak comes to that guest house, often.

When she went there, the actress alleged that he had forced himself on her. Added to these names, Sri Reddy says that she has two big names to reveal, but she will reveal the names gradually as the shock value will confuse the audiences if she gives out the names back-to-back.

Kona Venkat immediately responded on Twitter condemning the allegations made on him and demanded that government should probe into the matter seriously and take action on those people who are defaulters, punish those people whoever were guilty.

But denied the allegations made on him and said that the film industry has become a soft target for the people who want to gain cheap publicity. Seriously, this issue doesn’t seem that simple as it sounded, before.