Tamil Industry legal action film reviewers .jpgLooks like the cinema people have got some serious issues with “reviews” and the “reviewers.” According to them, the criticism in the reviews is digging a hole in the film’s revenue and have been fighting on the reviewers for a long time now. They used to use the reviewers who give a positive talk and fire the ones who give out a negative one. Now it has become official as the Tamil Producers Council release an official letter to the media warning the reviewers to be soft on their writings if not a legal notice would knock their door.

According to the letter, if the reviewer degrades the movies, actors, director, and producer in the name of the review will be taken strict legal action on and in addition to that they will not be allowed to attend any cinema-related events. Also, no gifts (sealed covers) would be given for the media personnel at any media related screenings and functions but only tea and snacks would be provided.

Well, technically, filmmakers should make movies and the reviewers are supposed to write what they feel about the film. But this decision of TPC looks like they are insisting the critics only write what they want the reviewers to write (of course positive). How does that even work? Isn’t it hindering the audience to get to decide if the film worth their time and money?