Kiss-Teaser,-Another-Sleaze-Fest-LoadingLooks like, this New Year is also going to witness a hoard of adult movies beginning from this new movie ‘Kiss’. the makers released the trailer of the movie that is nothing but a sleaze fest.

The tag of the movie is, ‘If a ghost consumes viagra’. That’s an easy indication of what to expect and the trailer doesn’t disappoint in that department. It’s totally right to say that the trailer is infested with hot kissing scenes.

We can’t expect a proper story from this kind of movie when the trailer promises adult content to the target audiences. Attracting the target audiences with trailers has become common and this one travelled on the same lines.

However, not all the movies like ‘Kiss’ will have the luck to get a release and if they succeed, it’s not always that they get to earn some bucks as they turn out not to be as bold as praised by their trailers.