Sharukh-khan-leaked-scenesWhile Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachan conitnues his reign on social platform twitter with 13.9 million followers, the king of romance in Bollywood is closely following him after his twitter account recorded more than 12 million followers last week. Shahrukh Khan, popularly called as Bollywood Baadshah is trending presently for his twitter record.

While the Baadshah’s fans are celebrating, Aamir is left behind with a meagre margin, 11.9 million followers and Salman with 11.2 followers, slightly a way behind comparitively. And among the politicians, it is Modi who is on top. But Shahrukh also overrode him by a margin of 1 million. Presently Modi’s twitter followers record is 11 million.

So, Shahrukh’s immediate competition is only from Aamir Khan and there is every possibility of Aamir over taking Bollywood Baadshah. But meanwhile, even Shahrukh may forge ahead towards Amitabh’s record. Let’s see.