King of Bollywood facing money troubles?

Is the King of Bollywood facing money troubles? Because, that none other than Shah Rukh Khan is all set to put his flat on rent on a spiffing 3 lakh rupees a month rate.

As it turns outs, the famous actor used to reside on this flat before gaining his success and moving into Mannat. This flat was SRK’s first purchase of a home. The sea-facing three bedroom flat which lies on Carter road also has a hall and kitchen with modular fitting and is a part of Shree Amrit Apartments. The name plate that adorns the door reads a simple ‘Shah Rukh Khan.’

As for rates, Shah Rukh is charging a 3 lakh rupee a month rent with a deposit of 15 lakhs. The broker has been quoted that the price is quite high for the flat but what else can be expected from the king on Bollywood?