In our industry everything is considered a sentiment as long as it leads to success. From launching the film at the right time to numerological correct names everything has a sentiment attached to them. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when the star kids and healthy lifestyles are considered the new lucky charms.

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Superstar Mahesh Babu had his luck turned completely in his favor in the year when his son Gautham was born. The star got the biggest hit of his career in the year his son was born. And now he’s got his son on sets of his films in recent past where he has seen tremendous success. The industry as usual considers this as a sentiment and his son lucky charm but the matter of the fact according to the actor himself is that presence of kids on sets completely relaxes the mood of the actor. Actors are under lot of stress while shooting and with the presence of kids this stress is gone, they feel, which leads to a healthy lifestyle. With no stress in mind and a healthy lifestyle, the joy in performing can be felt while shooting which in turn reflects on screen too.

The actor has stated time and again how having kids has brought a great stability to his mind. He reportedly makes sure to spend quality time with his kid’s everyday despite his hectic schedule. May be it is something that he has learned from his childhood experience but the actor finds spending time with kids and family to be a great stress-buster and the most precious thing to him in his life. We guess all this positivity is rubbing off on his film career as well.

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Something similar can be seen in the careers of actors Pawan Kalyan and Manchu Vishnu too. Both these actors have their kids on the sets which makes the environment in the sets more relaxed. We have heard many times how Pawan Kalyan prefers to stay alone in between shoots but with the presence of kids the actors mingles a lot with others and this again keeps him in a positive frame of mind while shooting that is reflecting on his performances now. Manchu Vishnu has gone a step ahead and added the names of his kids to his production house and as luck would have it he has been getting successes again after a long gap. The actor is now believed to be taking this sentiment seriously and getting his kids regularly on the sets of his shoot. Even if this is a sentiment, don’t you all think it’s a wonderful sentiment to have? Post your comment below.