Kiara-Advani's-Granny-Watched-Masturbation-Like--DeadpanThe masturbation scene in Netflix ‘Lust Stories’ has got Kiara Advani her due recognition as an actress, and suddenly she became popular. That one scene made hell a lot of difference in her career. When her grandmother watched it, it was an epic moment for the actress.

Her granny was an Anglo Indian and she didn’t understand the context much and was following the story reading the subtitles. She watched the masturbation scene like a deadpan with a straight face, revealed Kiara.

When Kiara tried to explain the context and how the girl in the scene got an orgasm through masturbation in front of the entire family, her grandmother’s reply was epic. Kiara’s granny said, “Well, in front of the whole world, now.”

That must be quite a moment for Kiara Advani when watched the movie with her grandmother. Kiara thought that she wasn’t getting the context right but, her granny’s response is enough that she understands it though she might not have seen such things talked about so boldly during her hay days.