Khushbu wants to become director

Versatile actress Khushbu, who is known for films such as Kaliyuga Pandavulu, Stalin and Yama Donga, is already a successful producer. She has produced few successful films over the years, and now aspires to turn directors whenever possible.

She says direction is a time consuming process and she knows it very well because she has been living with a director (husband Sundar C) for 18 years. She says she knows it well because she has been living with her husband and knows the reality.

She adds its not even the work on the sets that takes all the time, but the post-production which requires undivided attention. She says that because of post-production work, her husband hasn’t come for 28 hours at a stretch. Even though she is keen to direct, but says she doesn’t have time or is ready to yet to wield the megaphone.

Her kids keep her occupied. She spends most of her time with them and says her schedule revolves around theirs. She has also confirmed that she won’t return to films and instead has expanded her base to TV.