Khaidi No.150 New Release Date  Changed January 11Is the Megastar planning to arrive earlier than planned? Buzz in the industry is that Chiranjeevi’s comeback film may arrive earlier than planned release on January 13.

The latest date one is hearing in the industry is that of January 11th which would mean preponement by two days. It would be a Wednesday release as opposed to Friday release initially. There are two ways to look at this release date, one is positive and the other is negative.

If we take the positive side, a Wednesday release will give the film a bigger release. It can release in any number of theaters and then aim for day 1 record in two Telugu states. On the negative side, there are two issues, first of all, the overseas numbers would be impacted due to mid-week release. Secondly, January 11th happens to be pre-festival time and collections aren’t at the optimum. We saw that with the film Naayak before.

If one takes stock of the things, negatives outweigh the positive. The only way a film can make the most of this scenario is if it gets a hit talk. Then, be it pre-holidays or mid-week release, the film can survive big time and post big numbers. Or if it gets an average talk, the film can run well till the holidays are over with these additional two days as a bonus. Either way, talk has to be either average or hit. So, with a possible change in date are makers taking a gamble or are confident about the talk?