KGF-Yash-Questions-Govt's-Wife-Friendly-RulesIt’s for the rhetoric and readers please don’t fall for the literal translation of the title of this article. But yes, KGF star Yash found Karnataka government latest lockdown rules as ‘Wife Friendly’.

With an adorable picture with his wife, Radhika Pandit Yash wrote, “Karnataka government has set new lockdown rules and don’t know why seems like my wife had something to do with it. Back home at 8 pm every day and Sundays complete lockdown.”

He added, “Anyway these wife friendly rules will help us keep the sanity and the safety, both.” Well, that’s the advice of guy with experience and taking such advice wouldn’t hurt us anyway.

By the way, as it happens all the time whenever we get to see them together, both Yash and Radhika are like ‘Made for each other’ and their pair was made in heaven. Cute celebrity couple!