KGF Yash facing Problems With Locals Over Land Encroachment There might be a few controversies related to KGF Yash and every time the actor always laid low, solved them amicably and didn’t allow his stardom to get in the way. Now, here is another dispute and he did the same, again.

In the latest land dispute, where the locals of Thimmalapura village in Karnataka obstructed the construction of a compound wall around the 80-acre land he had purchased two years ago, the two parties filed cases against each other for obstruction and encroachment respectively.

However, Yash met the police and after discussing the issue with them, he came out only to tell that they can resolve the issue through talks. He also clarified that the road they were laying was for the temple nearby and the compound wall was for their property.

Usually, we see property related issues and land encroachment allegations surfacing on stars and then, sometimes they turn murky, even. However, it’s always good to resolve things amicably and for a star of Yash’s stature, it’s good that he remains in the good books of his people.