Yash-KGF-2Many men love to grow a big beard and flaunt the macho looks like a boss. “No Shave November” has just become another excuse for those who don’t want to do it even when their mothers or wives force them to. Now KGF has just added to that craze and Yash who flaunted the manly look at a star level.

His attitude went perfect match to his bushy, yet stylish beard and the secret is not just growing the beard but the maintenance is the mantra behind that sleek plus rough look that Yash is flaunting for the film.

Like most men, Yash loves to keep the stubble rather than to shave it even his wife Radhika and his brother asked him to be seen clean shaved.

A little time using good beard products and regular neat trim to maintain the shape is mandatory. Then the hair should be moisturized using beard oil and a regular shampoo would do to clean as the KGF star Yash says. So that is the beard care routine of the hero who is now getting ready for the second part of the film.