KGF To Promote KGF 2?: Unique IdeaPrashant Neel‘s KGF 2 is all set for a grand release on April 14th. The trailer of the movie is most-awaited and it will be out on the 27th of this month.

Meanwhile, KGF 2 fans are eager to see how the movie performs in the theaters. They are pushing the makers to promote the film better.

Some fans say that the best promotional idea for the film is to release the first part in theaters one week before KGF 2 release.

“KGF has released in 2018. There are many people who only watched it on OTT. But it is a perfect big-screen experience. So, if the makers make such a plan, it will work out big time for KGF 2,” they say.

The idea sounds unique but we do not know if it is practically possible.

Releasing an old film in theaters and audiences coming forward to spend money on a 2018 film is something very hypothetical.