KGF Chapter2 Release DayThis must be the craziest thing one might have heard regarding the fans’ craze that out star heroes enjoy and with the advent of social media, this craze has gone to another level. Can you imagine that KGF movie fans wanted a national holiday on ‘KGF Chapter 2‘ release day?

One of Yash’s fans’ group wrote a letter on Twitter to our Prime Minister Naredndra Modi asking him to declare a national holiday for KGF 2 release. This sounds crazy, right? ‘KGF Chapter 2’ is going to hit theatres on 16th July 2021.

The fans appealed to the PM to understand their feelings as it’s not just a movie for them but emotions. That sounds too dramtic and might even seem funny. But, that’s how the fans feel about their favourite matinee stars.

Both cricket and films enjoy this kind of craze and we have witnessed many times how a cricket match between India and Pakistan looked like an undeclared holiday. Looks like, the same thing is going to happen regarding films in the coming days.