Yash-KGF-2KGF 2 casting has been in news ever since the launch and taking the humongous success of the first part into consideration, the team has hyped up roping in the big names from Bollywood. But all of that ended up in quite lot damage and the film crew is trying to cover it their high talk now.

Including KGF hero Yash who spoke of approaching Sanjay Dutt for the antagonist role and a couple of other names have also been heard back then. But now the same team are denying any such claim to have been done at all.

Probably the deal with Sanjay didn’t work out for the second part as well and the KGF 2 team who claimed to have bagged the deal with the star are now to try to do some damage control saying such deal has never been done whatsoever. But with the multiple statements people have got a picture now and KGF 2 is too late in covering up anything. What say?