KGF Chapter 2 - TrailerThe trailer of the most awaited biggie, KGF: Chapter Two is here. Rocking Star Yash returns with his iconic Rocky act and this time the journey is more action-packed and much bigger in scale.

The trailer is almost three minutes in length and is filled with action. The theme of the movie is defined neatly within the duration while also reestablishing the cult Rocky figure.

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KGF: 2 seems to be all about the take over of the namesake place. It is now under the control of the outsider Rocky and the Indian government and the mafia head are in direct action mode to reclaim it.

The whole vibe is that of no holds barred action thriller on lines of a Mad Max. While it tries that, we can also feel the missing soul. A feeling of ‘high’ is missing although many moments are placed to give an adrenaline rush.

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The original trailer cut had wonderfully integrated the mother sentiment with the slick action. Here we have the latter but nothing on the former. The dialogues too lack the same impact. These are the missing bits that give an underwhelming initial impression of what otherwise looks like a spectacular production.

Check out the trailer below. KGF: Chapter Two has Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon coming on board. The Hombale Films production hits cinemas all over on April 14th in multiple languages.

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