KGF 2 Vs Beast Trailer: Which One Is Better?Beast and KGF 2 are the most awaited films after Rajamouli’s RRR. Beast will be out on April 13th and KGF 2 will be out on 14th April creating a heavy clash between the two.

The makers of KGF 2 have sped up the promotions India wide and the makers of Beast too released their trailer.

By the looks of it, Beast has fantastic BGM by Anirudh but looked routine story wise. The set up and backdrop is also a bit over the top but will surely work in Tamil as Vijay ‘s recent films that worked big in Tamil have the average content.

On the other hand, the trailer of KGF 2 too got a mixed response from the audience. The emotions and soul was missing but the grand visuals and set up makes it still a very anticipated sequel.

KGF 2 has Yash as the main lead whereas Beast is led by Thalapathy Vijay. While Beast is targeting Tamil Nadu market, KGF2 has a bigger goal.

As the Kannada and Tamil fans indulging ugly fan wars on social media, these films will be watched carefully. If we look at the Telugu scenario, KGF Chapter is surely higher in terms of buzz and market.