KGF 2 To Cover RRR Loss For PrimeBeast and KGF 2 are two films that will fight it out at the box office as they will release a day apart starting from today. There is good buzz for these big budget films and everyone wants to know when their OTT releases will happen.

Amazon has paid big bucks to bag KGF 2 and Beast will be out on Sun Next and Netflix. As both the films are releasing on almost the same day, the OTT release will happen at the same time.

The update is that the OTT release of both these films will not happen at least four weeks after its release irrespective of their outcome at the box office.

Amazon missed out on grabbing RRR and if the film would have been released on Prime, the platform would have made a huge difference when it comes to popularity and subscriptions.

As KGF 2 has a very good buzz, it will help RRR loss for Prime to an extent. But, the film needs to get a blockbuster talk like RRR to bring in any new subscribers.