KGF 2 Team Repenting After Giving ChanceKGF 2 is one of the most awaited big releases of 2022. Given the first part evoked an unprecedented response, the franchise is eagerly anticipated by the movie buffs. The movie is set for a grand release on April 14, 2022. However, the team is silent as they are yet to begin the promotions.

The stoic silence of the KGF 2 team has resulted in many unwarranted announcements regarding the film from many handles. For instance, over the past few weeks, a lot was speculated on KGF 2 first single. Then some accounts announced the expected release date of the KGF 2 trailer. With such things happening repeatedly, the makers are now repenting.

Now the KGF 2 makers have warned the netizens to beware of fake handles. Hombale Films executive producer tweeted, “Pls dont believe announcements from fake handles. All #KGFChapter2 updates will come from only the official accounts soon”.

Starring Yash, the film has an ensemble cast in the franchise. Given a month to go, the makers will soon kick start the promotions.