KGF 2 Should Avoid This Blunder At Any CostKGF was a surprisingly big hit in the Telugu states and the stakes are high on the second part, KGF 2 which will hit the big screens across the globe on the 14th of this month.

Coming to the point, there is one particular aspect that needs to be taken care of if KGF 2 is to register good footfalls and that is the ticket pricing model. If the makers and distributors go for maximum possible limit in the Nizam region- Rs 295+ GST, there is a risk of it backfiring big time.

KGF 2 might be a big ticket film but it is still a dubbed film in the Telugu states. So, it isn’t a wise move to go for high ticket pricing just because the government permits. The blunder of going for abnormally high ticket prices should be avoided by KGF 2 at all costs.

The Telugu crowd on social media is also keenly observing the ticket pricing model for KGF 2. If the ticket prices are locked at Rs 295, then there is a considerable chance of depletion in footfalls. More importantly, with RRR still running successfully in theatres, the Telugu audience have a very good alternative if they feel KGF 2’s tickets are overpriced.

The parties involved should be aware of the same and they have to act accordingly. Any miscalculations can lead to fatal consequences.