KGF 2 Is a Downfall of Rocky Bhai?Salaam Rocky bhai has become one catchy slogan in the industry all over just as the film became a blockbuster. The second part of the film is on floors now and the actor who gained immense popularity over the country says that KGF 2 is going to show the fall of Rocky.

Also, he says, KGF 2 is going to be bigger and better than the first one at the same time. Yash literally calls it a beast as he says, they are very eager to unleash the monster soon. They have already started off with the work and according to the team and the hero, the film is completing everything with rocket speed for everything is set up already and they have started off from where they have ended in the first part.

Like the fans, even Yash can’t wait to see himself as the Rocky Bhai again on the big screen. The first part’s surprising success has raised the expectations of KGF 2 and it is to be seen if the makers and the hero are going to live up to the expectations. This time the second part is going to have more exposure and needs to impress a wide range of audience. Let’s see if what Yash saying is true.