KGF 2 Hero's Strange Act Before Big DayKGF 2 is banking on the platform set by the first part – KGF. The film is hitting the silver screens across the globe on the 14th of April. The much-anticipated and all-important trailer will be out on the 27th of this month.

Cut to now, KGF 2 hero, Yash has featured in a ‘Lungi and Panche’ ad and he unveiled the same today. Well, KGF 2 is releasing in just over 3 weeks from now and the highly anticipated trailer will be out in three days from now. The last thing fans, or even the common audience would be expecting now is Yash doing a ‘Lungi and Panche’ outfit ad.

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The common opinion now is that Yash, who caught the attention of the pan-India audience with KGF and enjoys an action hero image now, should maintain his composure as KGF 2 gears up for release. He should be promoting the arrival of the trailer instead of sharing random ad films of him in white and white traditional outfits. He got the timing all wrong.

Fans are expecting a power-packed trailer from KGF 2 unit and this should be the focal point of Yash’s social media posts and not non-sync ads. Now, there is a talk that Yash needs a good advisor to make the most of his star image.

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