KGF 2 Hero Badly HumuliatedKannada superstar Yash shot to pan-India fame with KGF. But life hasn’t always been kind to the now superstar. If anything, Yash was badly humiliated by those around him right when he was young.

“Right from my schooling days, I was determined to become an actor. While other kids used to say they would become doctors, engineers, lawyers, I used to say I would become an actor. They all used to laugh at me, mock me, and try to humiliate me. I felt embarrassed at times but my dream of becoming an actor never jaded.” Yash said in his latest interaction with the media.

Yash added that he left his home against the interests of his parents and he was always on the sole mission of becoming an actor. “I did theater and stage plays. Today, I am in front of you as an actor.”

Well, Yash did take many humiliation right at a young age but never let any of this come in the way of his journey to the top. He now awaits the release of the biggest and most important project of his career, KGF 2 which is releasing on 14th April.