KGF 2 Has Become A Telugu Film NowWhile RRR is getting ready for the rampage at the box-office utilizing Ugadi holiday, the next big release KGF Chapter 2 has started the promotions keeping the pan-India market in mind.

KGF2, especially in Telugu is seeing a healthy craze and will surely open big in Telugu states. But a few Kannada fans are not at all happy as of now. The advance bookings in the USA have opened and more tickets have been recorded for the Telugu version than the original Kannada language.

The same was seen with RRR as well. In Karnataka, more Telugu shows were aired sidelining Kannada versions all over, upsetting many of the fans. Some fans on social media even made a hashtag #BoycottRRRinkarnataka which made a lot of noise as well.

Well, looking at all this, there is no denying the fact that KGF 2 is having a bigger craze in Telugu than in any other language. The makers have also been quite dependent on the Telugu markets as the collections will be big in Telugu. So, in a way KGF 2 has become a more Telugu film as of now.