KGF-2-First-Look-Rocky-Bhai-Rebuilding-an-EmpireThe most-awaited first look of ‘KGF Chapter 2’ is out and its inner meaning is not as simple as it looks. Yash is looking terribly stylish in blue shirt tucked in stylishly into black pants. There is a smoking cigarette that’s adding to the look.

What made the pic interesting is its backdrop. A group of coal mine workers along with Yash is seen dragging something looking like a huge and tall tower of sorts with ropes bound to it, “Rebuilding The Empire’ is the tag given for the photo.

The first look definitely is like a continuation of chapter one of the blockbuster. Yash’s fans must be feeling thrilled to look in totally contrast in a stylish avatar compared to the backdrop of the pic symbolizing the change we wish to expect in the second installment of KGF.

It’s going to be a pan-Indian movie with stars from different languages including Bollywood stars and Yash fans would love to see the pan-Indian audience’s reaction to this pic. We too are eager as his die-hard fans to see how things will start rolling from now onwards.