RRR_KGF_2KGF 2 turned out to be a bigger box office hit than RRR. But there is one thing that RRR will always have over KGF 2 and that is international acclaim. The number of social media posts from the global audiences who have watched RRR is exceptionally high.

RRR premiered on Netflix recently and it is already the globally No. 1 non-English title on the platform. The film is trending in the top 10 positions in more than 60 countries worldwide. This speaks volumes bout the kind of reach and anticipation RRR has garnered.

KGF 2 will be premiering on Amazon Prime on 3rd June. But will the Yash-starrer be as big of an OTT blockbuster as RRR? The answer could well be a big fat NO.

KGF 2 is an action oriented gangster thriller. Hollywood has produced several classic gangster dramas in the past. The international audience might not find KGF 2 a must-watch film, as Hollywood had produced the best gangster dramas in the past. Foreigners might find KGF 2 to be of a beaten-to-death template.

So, in all likelihood KGF 2 can’t match RRR this time around, as far at the OTT footprint is concerned.