Prabhas_SalaarKGF 2 is a box office monster. The film minted big bucks at the ticket counters across the nation. This film has in turn mounted pressure on Prabhas and here’s how.

With KGF 2 turning out to be a sensationally big hit at the box office, the audience will naturally expect more from Prashanth Neel’s next film, Salaar. Even Prashanth will be looking to better his work for KGF series with Salaar.

There is a talk that Salaar is being upscaled following KGF 2’s tremendous success. It is also heard that Salaar might not be making it to the theaters next summer. It will apparently release only in 2024. This is adding more burden Prabhas.

Both of Prabhas’s previous films Saaho and Radhe Shyam failed to click at the box office. He hoped to get back to winning ways with Salaar and quickly erase the bitter results of Saaho and Radhe Shyam.

But sadly for Prabhas, Salaar, which is the most exciting and seemingly sureshot project in his career is getting delayed for external reasons. He will also be in dilemma whether or not to work with Maruthi and release this film before Salaar.

Prabhas is badly in need of box office success and Salaar is in better position to attain it. But the delay in the film’s release would mean that Prabhas will take more pressure on himself as he due to deliver a box office winner.