Keshava Censored On Expected LinesHero Nikhil’s Keshava which is carrying immense buzz due to a terrific theatrical trailer has completed its Censor formalities. The movie has got a U/A rating, and it doesn’t come as a surprise.

The theme of the film is revenge, and the tagline makes it aptly clear – Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold. The violence part of the revenge process is enough for the movie to get a U/A rating. The makers must be counting themselves lucky for not getting an “A” rating with such a theme. It could also be indirectly hinting at what is in store in the movie.

Sudheer Varma directs Keshava that stars Nikhil and Ritu Varma in the lead. Isha Koppikar makes a comeback to Telugu films after a very long gap with this crime thriller. Keshava releases worldwide on May 19.