Mahesh Teaser issue

Mahesh babu’s One producer Ram Achanta revealed some interesting things related Mahesh ‘One’ teaser controversy. After receiving around 22 lakh hits, YouTube removed the trailer released on Mahesh’s birth day, disappointing Mahesh fans across the World. YouTube team has removed it after observing fake hits from Kenya where miscreants make huge money with ‘fake hits’ business, Says production team. But why they did it..producer has no clue about it.

When production house appealed to restore the teaser, YouTube wrote back that they can not keep the teaser with inflated figures. Ram Achanta says they don’t want to upload the teaser in YouTube again as hits start from ‘Number One’ again. We all aware they have already lodged a complain with Cyber Crime Police in Hyderabad.

With this bitter experience of ‘One’ teaser, other heroes and production houses who are looking to be in news for YouTube records should be more cautious so that their fans can avoid embarrassment.