Keerthy-Suresh-Gets-Bitter-Pill-on-Social-Mediaf there is an International Tea Day, then Keerthy Suresh must be the last one to wish the tea lovers to enjoy tea on this special day. It’s because of her recent movie ‘Miss India’ in which she turns an entrepreneur from a village belle by selling tea in the United States.

The concept and the movie have plenty of troll material, especially, because they’ve shown as if the people in the States don’t know what tea was. Keerthy Suresh unnecessarily posted a picture of herself from the movie savouring tea.

The silliness of the plot and dumb execution of rags to riches story earned very poor talk and very low ratings from not only the critics but also from common audiences who found the plot quite stupid. The movie was premiered on Netflix and soon, everyone almost forgot it.

It would have been a major disappointment if the movie had gone for theatrical release. That’s why Keerthy Suresh’s post about International Tea Day was met with trolls and one troll, for an example wrote, ‘Akka inka vadiley’ (Sister! Please, leave it.).’ How was that?