Keerthy Suresh's Bold Statement On Casting CouchOne of the most controversial aspects of the film industry is Casting Couch. Several actresses from Tollywood have opened up about their experience with the casting couch in the industry.

Now Mahanati Keerthy Suresh has expressed her side of the story on this controversial issue. In a recent interview, Keerthy admits that there is a casting couch going on in the industry. She said, “Many of my co-stars have shared their experiences with me. But I have not experienced it till now. I have been very decent and straightforward all through my career, and maybe that’s why nobody approached me with such intentions.”

She adds, “In case some filmmaker asks me to commit myself to him to get a role in his film; I would prefer to reject the offer, no matter what. I would prefer to leave the film industry and do some regular job in a company than accept such offers. I am not that type.”

Keerthy Suresh’s upcoming films are Nani’s Dasara and Megastar’s Bhola Shankar.