Keerthy Suresh Didn't Learn Lessons from Anushka Shetty Size ZeroWe didn’t forget the difficulties Anushka has been facing after she gained a lot of weight for her character in Size Zero’. Post that, the actress is finding it very hard to come back to her original shape and of course, the health issues were also a part of this weight gain.

Another young actress, Keerthy Suresh is said to be gaining weight for her titular role in ‘Mahanati’ as she is essaying the role of legendary actress Savithri. Yesteryear audiences are well aware that Savithri used to be a bit on the plumper side and she used to emote more with her facial expressions and eye movements, mesmerizing the audiences with her performance.

It would be apt for Keerthy if she gained weight to look like Savithri. But, that would have severe effects on her health and appearance, later on.Of course, one must agree that she is risking, big time as it isn’t easy to lose the extra weight gained for a role.