MM Keeravani Apologizes But Supports NepotismMusic director MM Keeravani is back in the news again, and once again it is due to an outburst. This time the music director extended his support to nepotism but before that he made a due apology.

Keeravani says that veteran director Tamareddy Bharadwaj, he called him TB, made him realize the mistake he did by calling the director’s brainless. The musician apologized for that statement and deleted those tweets posted previously. While he gave a pass to the director’s, he added that writers are the most underrated and ignored people in the industry.

Keeravani further added that he is a product of nepotism and his success is because of nepotism. Many of his hit songs are written by his brother in law Chandrabose. While there is truth in what he says, one wonders how much he cares for all that he said.