They say it’s nice to have a goal and work in life, but here’s someone who decided his future well in advance. Apparently, Keeravani decided his retirement day on the very first day on his job as a music composer. He said that he is all set retire in 2016. He had shared this news on Facebook page.

I recorded my 1st song on 9th December 1989 at Prasad Studios Chennai. The very day I fixed my retirement day to be 8th December 2016 which I am planning to celebrate the day with my close associates and musicians.. most likely at Prasad Studio, Hyderabad. So it is hardly 3 more years to go. Meanwhile I am happy to start this new journey on FB from tomorrow, details will be updated in the evening. I thank all of my fans who spared their time to express their likes, dislikes, advices and wishes to me all these years.

Keeravani has certainly set an example for others in the same line of work. He has proved that even in this industry one can plan and live a disciplined life.