kcr invitation to chandrababu naiduIt is confirmed that Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao will be personally inviting his Andhra Pradesh counterpart, Chandrababu Naidu for the Ayutha Chandi Yaagam. This is a reciprocation for Chandrababu’s personal invite to KCR for Amaravati foundation fete.

However Chandrababu’s invitation back then is in good spirits but thats not the case with KCR’s now. KCR is constantly trying to damage TDP by pulling out its MLAs ahead of the GHMC election. Recently Cantonment TDP MLA, Sayanna boarded the car.

So KCR’s personal invitation will not please Chandrababu for obvious reasons. Also if Chandrababu attends the Yaagam, it will definitely send a wrong message to the party leaders and cadre ahead of the crucial GHMC elections. If Chandrababu do not attend, it will be portrayed as insult to Telangana people. In either way, Chandrababu is in a fix right now.