KCR Telangana cm photo

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao wants the authorities to vacate the Chanchalguda which is mostly used to house the remand prisioners. TRS government wants to convert this 150 acres land of the jail in to an education hub by letting it out to private institutions. However authorities say the relocation of prisoners from the jail will be a very difficult task as remand prisoners have to be frequently taken to courts.

Also there is only Cherlapally jail, another central jail in the city which is already filled. Even if there is some space, it will dangerous to combine remand prisoners and several high profile prisoners. Rs 200 crore would be required to develop a similar prison on 150 acres of land. It might take at least two to three year to complete the task. Besides Chanchalguda jail also has a heritage building constructed in 1876.