KCR lunch meeting with Senior Superstar KrishnaIn the recent times, KCR’s meetings with Senior Superstar Krishna suggest the closeness between the duo and how much regard the CM has for the superstar. KCR is keen on meeting the industry people and what better would be the place other than Superstar Krishna’s house.

Superstar Krishna is going to host a lunch party for the CM where the CM is going to meet industry biggies and discuss several things about the industry. This request came from KCR when Krishna went to the CM’s house to invite him for a close relative’s marriage ceremony.

The lunch party may happen within a couple of days. Among the industry biggies, Krishna is one of those who gets the appointment of KCR easily as the CM is a fan of him. Since KCR took oath as CM, Krishna has been expressing full confidence on the CM that under his leadership TFI is going to get better.