Kavan Scared Murugadoss to Tweak SPYderMurugadoss rewriting the climax scenes of his movies isn’t a new thing for us. He did the same for Mahesh Babu’s bilingual ‘SPYder’. Tamil hero Vijay Sethupathi’s ‘Kavan’ hit theatres on 31st March, this year.

‘SPYder’ team noticed that there is something similar between Mahesh Babu’s ‘SPYder’ and ‘Kavan’. The climax of Vijay Sethupathi’s movie is similar to what they had shot for Mahesh Babu’s movie. So, the director had to rewrite the climax.

Mahesh Babu liked the tweaked version of the climax and hence the team got approval for the change in climax. ‘SPYder’ happens to be a spy action thriller and the director is skilful at dealing with high octane action sequences. Let’s see how this climax enchants us.