Bigg-Boss-2---NaniNani coming as the host of Bog Boss 2 after NTR has really had an impact on Nani with huge comparisons and the negativity on social media. This was expected by people to effect Nani’s Devadas as rumored on the social media. But Nani knew what is going to happen and it just was what he expected.

It was nothing. Yes as Nani answered to the question in a pre-release interview if Kaushal Army‘s negativity is going to have an impact on his film, he dismissed that saying it is a waste of discussion and yes he was right there was nothing when it came to the film. People saw the movie as a movie with no strings attached.

Not at the theatres or on the social media, Devadas has got the normal response judging solely the film. If at all Big Boss has left any negativity on Nani, it is all clear now with absolutely no effect on the movie.