Katrina's sister has special plans for career

Katrina Kaif has been ruling the roost for nearly a decade and it’s now time for her younger sister Isabelle Kaif to follow the suit. However, Isabelle is actually not going to follow her sister and instead has opted to carve her own niche in Hollywood and wants to stay away from Bollywood as much as possible.

While Katrina has no interest in a film career outside Bollywood, her sister Isabelle who was supposed to join Katrina in Bollywood has decided against it. It was felt by Katrina that the two sisters with similar personalities in the same entertainment industry can never work for the younger sister. Katrina doesn’t want Isabelle to end up being the poor man’s Katrina. The two sisters will pursue their acting careers in mutually exclusive domains.

Isabelle makes her acting debut in Jean-François Pouliot’s “Dr. Cabbie,” a film about an Indian doctor moonlighting as a taxi driver in the US.