Katrina Remembering the Telugu RootsActress Katrina Kaif is a big shot heroine in the world of Bollywood these days. But hats off to the actress who has still not forgotten her roots and where she started her film career. Contrary to what many actresses do after making in big in the B world, Katrina still remembers all the projects she has done in the Southern world.

Katrina’s first Telugu movie Malleswari had come out quite a while ago, so when an interviewer asked her about her thoughts about a second Telugu flick, she promptly replied that she had already a second Telugu film with Balakrishna. Katrina swiftly said that the name of the film went something like Allari… (Allari Pidugu). This shows Katrina’s simplicity that she still recalls where she came from and where she started her career. Telugu audience would certainly love to see her on the silver screen once again, but her hefty remuneration which goes for about few crores will likely be an issue for Tollywood film makers!