Kathi-Counter-to-Pawan-Kalyan's-100-Cr-LossThere is a lot of money in the film industry as it is a business and star heroes who enjoy big stardom are paid high remunerations. Pawan Kalyan’s craze with regard to his movie was on the peaks though his last two movies were huge disappointments. As a politician, Pawan Kalyan is repeatedly saying that he left a lot of income behind and came into politics for the sake of the public.

Mahesh Kathi, known for his conflict with Pawan Kalyan came out with a counter for Pawan Kalyan’s repeated statement, “I’ve sacrificed crores (100 crores) of earnings for your sake and it’s up to you to decide.” Now, Mahesh Kathi has a doubt. “How can Pawan Kalyan forego the earnings which he actually doesn’t have?” He tried to evaluate Pawan Kalyan’s market value saying that his remuneration could be Rs. 25 crores unofficially though Rs. 12 crores officially.

In that case, Pawan Kalyan needs to act in four movies a year to have 100 crores as his earnings. Mahesh Kathi further doubted if Pawan Kalyan earnings for his Hungama in 2014 elections could be more than 100 crores. “Though you left your earnings from the film industry, you came to politics for earning even more.” having said this, Kathi advised Pawan Kalyan not to talk about sacrifices. This counter from Kathi on Facebook is going viral now for obvious reasons.