Kaashmora Karthi Movie ‘Kaashmora’, an upcoming supernatural horror movie starring Karthi, has been in the Kollywood headlines quite a lot lately. The big budget film apparently cost over 40 crores and was filmed at 13 different locations, each having its own grand set. The thriller ‘Kaashmora’ is well-known actor Karthi’s most expensive movie till date and he clearly has high hopes from the movie.

Apparently, the film has a scene which required him to get his face 3D scanned but the advancement in technology let him get the job done in Chennai itself. A little while back, actors Rajinikanth and Suriya, Karthi’s brother, had to go to USA to get 3D scanned for their respective movies.

The latest we hear is that the movie recently completed its final shoot and Karthi announced it to the world via his Twitter account. The actor, in his tweet, thanked the director, Gokul, and producers, Prakashbabu and SR Prabhu, of the movie.