Karthikeya-2-AdipurushKarthikeya 2 has turned out to be an unprecedented success not just in Telugu states but also in the Hindi circuits. The devotional flavor of the film proved to be its biggest USP, making the Hindu audience flock to the theaters in huge numbers.

On social media, there is a talk that Karthikeya 2 showed the greatness of Lord Krishna, and the audience came in hordes to watch the film; just imagine the euphoria for Adi Purush, which will showcase the biggest Hindu God, Lord Rama, in his full glory. People are expecting that the theaters showing Adi Purush will turn into Ram Mandirs.

Prabhas’ fans are saying that, in all probability, Prabhas will indisputably become the country’s biggest star post-Adi Purush, and Baahubali records will be broken in just two weeks.

There is also a section of the audience that feels casting Saif Ali Khan as Raavana might go wrong for the film. Despite being a brilliant actor, an unnecessary hate campaign is going on against him on social media, which might fuel some extremists to boycott the movie.